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Hello, I'm Atiab Jobayer. I am a competitive programmer & UI developer with a mass experience of working on a few projects as a frontend developer. I am also a debater and web software researcher.

Full NameAtiab Jobayer

BirthdayOct 19, 2000.

Lives inBarisal,Bangladesh.

My story

I was born at Chittagong and lived for 2 years. Because of my father's strange job, we moved to Faridpur, Rangpur & Khulna. I had much interest on mathematics in my childhood. As a result, my parents inspired me to attend into math olympiad and I participated and became a winner. It opened and a new era of my life. From then, I have more than 40 achievements in my life on different sectors. That's my story!

About me

I am Atiab Jobayer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am an UI designer. I have done few development works with PHP. I am a student of class 12 of science group at Dhaka City College. I am working as Chief Operating Officer in a Bangladeshi programming contest hosting platform CoderzWar. I have some experience on doing debates on different competitions.

My hobbies

I am a computer programmer. So, my hobbies are mainly based on technology. One of my greatest hobby is to test different types of CSS frameworks. Besides, I like to draw. I love to solve programming problems though I'm not much expert. Travelling is one of my favorite hobby. I have experience of travelling to different places. That's all.

Future goals

As I love to work with computer science, it is obvious that I want to study in Computer Science in the future. I also do competitive programming. One of my target is to be a member of national informatics olympiad team. I am preparing myself for that. I love to work in web platform. That's why I want to be more skilled in web technologies.

Other infos

Currently I'm living in Dhanmondi, Dhaka and enrolled to class XII in Dhaka City College. My hometown is Amtali, Barguna though I was born in Chittagong. I have a good number of national and regional championships. I have more than 40 achievemnts yet. I have some experience on event management. I was organizer to several programs and that's how I have some experience on event management. That's all.